“We had such an awesome time! The stripper pole in the back was especially entertaining after a few beverages.”

Andy Havel

“This was the best ride of my life!”

Justin Clark

“Eeesssss preetty good”

Kyle Mitchan

“Riding the Cool Bus made me so happy, I wanted to pee!”

Rusty Chiles

“My wife loved the stripper pole.”

John Boerstler

“Had a great first ride on the Cool Bus! Can’t wait to do it again!”

Andrea Alford

“The Cool Bus was great! We used it for this random event where we went to places and drank things. We did that one thing one time in the bus and it was awesome. Remember when that guy played that one song and we all sang along? That was classic! ”

Some guy in the future

“The Cool Bus was a fun and exciting way to enjoy time with friends on a day out through town. We really enjoyed the music and overall environment that made our experience a good one. Will definitely be using the Cool Bus again in the future and recommending to others that want to try something new.”

Kyle Schielack