Its Wedding Season!!!

As Spring in Texas arrives, wedding season is upon us!

Not only can Cool Bus Houston take you from bar to bar or brewery to brewery, but we can provide transportation for your wedding day in a very unique party bus!

We can do this in a number of ways! Here are just a few ideas:

1. Bridal Party Transportation: We arranged transportation for the Bride and her bridesmaids only from their house in Rice Military to their wedding venue at Ashton Gardens. All of the girls got their hair and makeup done at their house beforehand. When we picked them up, they boarded the bus wearing their “pre-game” attire of flannel shirts and yoga pants and carried their dresses on hangers in plastic bags to not get dirtied. They were able to hang their dresses from the handrails across the ceiling of the bus so they wouldn’t get wrinkled. Once on board, the crew enjoyed a glass of champagne while jamming out to some of their favorite party tunes. The venue was roughly 30 minutes away from the house, which was just enough time to relax before things got crazy with the ceremony and reception.

2. Wedding Party Transportation: We met the wedding party (minus for the Bride) at the Lakeside Country Club and transported them Memorial Drive United Methodist Church. The Bride arranged for her own transportation to the church so that she and the groom wouldn’t see each other before she walked down the aisle. We waited in the parking lot until the ceremony was over and picked up the full wedding party (Bride included!) for transportation back to Lakeside Country Club to kick off the celebration!

These are just a couple of options that we have done to give you some ideas. However, Cool Bus Houston can customize a wedding package to suit all of your needs!

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