Big Review TV visits Cool Bus Houston!

We reserved Cinco de Mayo, Friday, May 5th, for our filming session with Big Review TV, an online TV series that features the greatest places to shop, eat, stay and play.   Big Review TV was filming various aspects of Houston and thought that Cool Bus Houston would be a great addition to the overall video.  They said that the feature on us would only last about 1-2 min in their 15-20 minute video.  The film crew thought it would be a good idea to ride with on the bus during a normal night out on Cool Bus Houston as we bar-hopped around the city.  So not to intrude on a customer’s party, I enlisted the help of a handful of friends, whom I knew would show the film crew a good time.

Before we met up with the group of friends, the film crew asked if they could do an interview with me, so I met them at a location in downtown Houston that had a great backdrop of the skyline.  This was also the same location that we filmed the time lapse for the promo video last July.

After a brief interview, we picked up our partying volunteers and hit the road.  For the first hour or so, we just drove around hot spots in Houston like The Heights, Washington Ave, Downtown Houston and Midtown.  We finally made our first stop, and only, stop at Bovine & Barley which has a very cool lit up “HTX” on the wall.

After a few drinks for the group inside, we loaded the bus back up and made a few passes around a block so the film crew could get some outside shots of the bus passing through downtown.

After about another hour or so of driving around, we dropped the film crew back off at their vehicles and eventually the rest of the party group.

The feedback I got from the film crew over the next few days was great!  They said that the footage they shot was just what they were looking for and that they thought it would be a great addition to their Houston feature.

I can’t wait to see it!

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